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February 16, 2006 at 2:27 pm Leave a comment

This is probably a post that should go under current affairs. However, the issue has much wider ramification, hence its under Bite The Bullet category as well.

First of all, it is quite surprising to note that the Danes thought their act would not offend any community. All right, Danes as you are, you might swear by freedom of speech, freedom of expression and freedom of what not, but in all this what has been overlooked is that freedom needs to go with an essential package called responsibility. Well, it indeed is a child’s play to get excited about an idea and go overboard with it. You choose a freedom that is devoid of any sensitivity and responsibility. You choose freedom with recklessness over the former.

It was interesting to see a Danish lady (a Muslim and a member of the Danish parliament) go on record on the BBC. She was at pains to explain that mountain is being made out of a molehill. Here, I am given to believe that she is a born Danish Muslim, hence her ideas are pretty much inline with the ideas of her state.

The concept of freedom that we learn in high school and college is just perfect for us. It is perfect for our culture. Culture, bear in mind, is the operative term here. What we have on hand is a clash of cultures. In the west the state and religion are different entities.One cannot afford to evangelize the “leftist-religion” to nations where religion is an integral part of that culture. It just won’t sell. Not that they are opposed to freedom, just that they are far more sensitive to religion.

Your reckless freedom is no good for you and please do not preach it. And if you cannot stand people sensitive to religion, it is but puerile to believe that people can accept your concept of freedom that brazenly avoids and rejects responsibility

As for the so-called devout Muslims, I am not surprised by your reaction. But it would be a shame to approve the boycott and burning of embassies, no way! Get a life

You defeat the very purpose the Prophet spent a big chunk of his life for. It is a diabolic irony that you folks have made an idol out of the Prophet. Yeah! The Prophet is but an idol for you folks. You let a mindless cartoon decide his divinity and greatness.


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