Acquit The Guilty

February 22, 2006 at 6:48 pm Leave a comment

A 34-year-old model at an up market restaurant shot at point blank range. Incurred she did, the deadly wrath for refusing a drink after bar hours to a filthy rich man with strong political background. The accused leaves the spot without much fuss. The law enforcement does a good of apprehending a man who went absconding for weeks. Job well done! The judiciary takes over and after seven years acquits the guilty (pun is for sure the need of the hour)

Well, just in case you thought this a figment of my imagination for a Bollywood script, excuse me! there is not a chance in the world that you missed this slap on the face last night when you were watching the television.

Yet again, the rich and powerful get away with heinous crimes. The judiciary has virtually raped itself beyond recognition.

The case of Jessica Lal is yet another instance when we as Indians hang our head in shame. Oh! when will the bastardized nexus between the rich and the judiciary ever be broken? The law enforcement has yet again assaulted the sensibilities of those in pursuit of justice in the country

The justice system in India is much afflicted, even to this day, by the scars of imperialism. Too much of importance is given to eyewitnesses. Eye witnesses in high profile cases most definetly turn hostile (cliché?). The silence is sold for a price or purchased at gunpoint.

But can Manu Sharma ever sleep a peaceful man? Will his conscience ever acquit him?

Even as I ponder these questions I feel disgusted that I cannot do much about this. And we as Indians collectively, have Jessica’s blood on our hands.


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