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Road Rage

Aum Shanti Shanti Shanteyhi

Seriously people, do govt. officials sit on their brains? Cars with tinted glasses or sun controls films will be fined 😦 . This must be the End of Days. The folks at the Ministry of Transport need to check their heads (of course for 666). Is the Messiah/Massiach/great Imam coming soon?

Man I am convinced; it must take a crack smoking, meth addicted, and unholy son of a gun with an abusive spouse to come up with this idea. With due regards to everyone, but I fail to see the rationale. Super hot and tropical Chennai cars will be stripped of all tinted glasses and sun control films. Here are some of the moot points that has been highlighted by the Ministry of Transport to implements this rule

    1. Tinted glasses and Sun Control films obstruct the view of the driver – WHAT! Who has a tinted glass or sun control on the front wind screen?

    2. Tinted Glasses and Sun Control films allow couples to make out in the car – Dudes, if you folks do not like that fantasy give it a pass. Oh, now tinted
    glasses have become a moral issue. What next? I am thinking movies in cinema with Lights On?

    3. They allow criminals and terrorists to go unnoticed. Point well taken… BUT PEOPLE think what were we doing before the tinted glasses, oh YES we were using curtains inside the cars, yea until 1985!

It’s only a day or two before a Public Interest Litigation is filed! Hail the judiciary! Amen!


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December 6th

Let bygones be bygones

The scars still live on. A nation of over billion souls yet to come to terms on what happened in this country 15 years ago to this day. Of course what happened on 6th December 1992 was diabolic in every sense of the word. A time when mob frenzy clouded good judgement; a day when yet again men showed the scourge they had made religion in the name of Gods! 

 Public memory is often short or so they claim, but the demolition of Babri masjid goes down in the annals of Indian history as a black day. The day India woke up to face the demons that were waiting to confront her. 45 years of pseudo secularist’s who were at the helm of affairs of running a country purely by the virtue of their lineage and not any other qualification. The underbellies of the nation in the making were exposed.

 December 6th 1992 – March 13th 1993, the passage of time was swift. The fight was out in the open between those holding the saffron banners and those holding the green banners. Ironic as it may seem the country was torn between the colours of her own flag!

 March 13th 1993 sounded the death knell for every fantasy of Hindu-Muslim bhai bhai cliché that was immortalized on the silver screen and every pseudo secularist’s speech. The nation was rocked. The war within surfaced. My motherland stood raped beyond recognition, held at a ransom by the Machiavellian individuals with an evil lust for power. The nation stood divided between the extreme leftists and fanatical rightists.

I returned home and the security arrangements at the airport reminded me “and I was like “Oh! right, it’s that day of the year”. All the TV channels discussed it, some aired the demonstrations and some aired very tense moments between the warring communities. PEOPLE!!! 15 years damn it! It’s all over, get over it, and move on with life. No god’s going to come to defend your child! Whoever called you to be martyrs? Aaah! But seriously, don’t you folks have anything better to do, getting children to rally and demonstrate! Go home you nincompoops! You folks are an eyesore and apology to the God you believe in!


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A Peek Into Sufism

The depth of this poem keeps me spellbound! And Rabbi Shergill has given life to this poem with his rendition. The video too is seriously high quality stuff. I AM LOVING IT!

Written by the sufi saint – Baba Bulleh Shah. Original translation from the Chowk

Bulleh! ki jaana maen kaun

Na maen momin vich maseet aan
Na maen vich kufar diyan reet aan
Na maen paakaan vich paleet aan
Na maen moosa na pharaun.

Bulleh! to me, I am not known

Not a believer inside the mosque, am I
Nor a pagan disciple of false rites
Not the pure amongst the impure
Neither Moses, nor the Pharoh

Bulleh! ki jaana maen kaun

Na maen andar ved kitaab aan,
Na vich bhangaan na sharaab aan
Na vich rindaan masat kharaab aan
Na vich jaagan na vich saun.

Bulleh! to me, I am not known

Not in the holy Vedas, am I
Nor in opium, neither in wine
Not in the drunkard’s intoxicated craze
Niether awake, nor in a sleeping daze

Bulleh! ki jaana maen kaun.

Na vich shaadi na ghamnaaki
Na maen vich paleeti paaki
Na maen aabi na maen khaki
Na maen aatish na maen paun

Bulleh! to me, I am not known

In happiness nor in sorrow, am I
Neither clean, nor a filthy mire
Not from water, nor from earth
Neither fire, nor from air, is my birth

Bulleh!, ki jaana maen kaun

Na maen arabi na lahori
Na maen hindi shehar nagauri
Na hindu na turak peshawri
Na maen rehnda vich nadaun

Bulleh! to me, I am not known

Not an Arab, nor Lahori
Neither Hindi, nor Nagauri
Hindu, Turk (Muslim), nor Peshawari
Nor do I live in Nadaun

Bulla, ki jaana maen kaun

Na maen bheth mazhab da paaya
Ne maen aadam havva jaaya
Na maen apna naam dharaaya
Na vich baitthan na vich bhaun

Bulleh! to me, I am not known

Secrets of religion, I have not known
From Adam and Eve, I am not born
I am not the name I assume
Not in stillness, nor on the move

Bulla, ki jaana maen kaun
Avval aakhir aap nu jaana
Na koi dooja hor pehchaana
Maethon hor na koi siyaana
Bulla! ooh khadda hai kaun

Bulleh! to me, I am not known

I am the first, I am the last
None other, have I ever known
I am the wisest of them all
Bulleh! do I stand alone?

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Born To Act – I

Kamala Hassan!!! Need I say more? I for one am not someone who calls him Andavar nor am I his biggest fan, but I know, I am genuinely spellbound by his acting capabilities.

This is not a post to discuss if he is the best actor ever in the history of Indian cinema; Just a post to celebrate Kamala Hassan!
Here’s to Kamal and (meaningful) Indian cinema!

His first movie.

Anbae Sivam. To this day, I am yet to see an Indian movie that can come anywhere close to this one. Phenomenal stuff, but unfortunately this was a BO dud.

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Been A Long Time

The writers block takes a hike yet again. Between then and now managed to go through “yet another” breakup, trips across three continents, 4 countries and 5 cities. Managed to set up my company, did some industry first implementations and then of course had some major setbacks that needs to be addressed, but as the saying goes -”This too shall come to pass”

I have never felt so insecure while traveling, as I am feeling right now in Johannesburg. The city is wonderful and the weather cannot get any better, the irony however is that I cannot do anything in this city. Everyone seems to be warning me about the hazards of venturing out by myself. It sucks big time to be imprisoned in the hotel room.

The dangerous part about the famous “mugging scene” in Joburg, I am told, is that once you are robbed you are killed. I need more drama than this to die!

I am not sure if it is just me, but I think the animosity between the whites and the natives is palpable. Really feel uneasy about the whole thing. A case in point is the public transport system (if you can call it a public transport system that is). Only the natives use it, the whites drive the fanciest of cars (yeah, the Porsche, Ferrari and the top of the line BMW’s). This observation may also be biased in a way, because I am holed up in the most opulent neighborhood in the city.

Well this is not to say that my own country is free of all malice. There are places where one can be far more insecure and in danger of physical assault if one does not belong to a certain “class”. It’s the caste/tribe you are born into in the east, while it’s the color of the skin in the west. No man is foreign!

Give a man a horse, he will ride;
Give a man a boat, he will sail;
Give a man a reason, he will hate!

I also noted the stoical fanfare with which the middle-east greeted the Annapolis meet. I am sure Mr. President will come up with something more monumental that General Gaddafi’s IsraTeen. Everyone is invited for the Annapolis party but not the Hamas! The Saudis are going too

The world mulls a solution for Palestine without inviting a party that was given a mandate by the people of Palestine. While I seriously feel for the Palestinians and pray for peace in the region, the Annapolis meet seems as good as – pink elephants flying and shooting arrows. I do not approve of all that Hamas does, but the bottom-line is that unless one gives Hamas a fair chance to learn the tricks of the trade that is called democracy, it would be an exercise in futility to dismiss them. I mean a solution for Palestine without Hamas is like finding solution for Northern Ireland without the IRA!

Asia and Africa are probably cursed to deal with the scars of imperialism for one more life time.

Blessed are the peacemakers, they shall be called sons of God!

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Arcane Muse – God

CAP – The yoga teacher is a sharp shooter and he destroys ego

MOF – That’s odd. I would expect him to be otherwise. Is destroying ego a good thing after all?

CAP – Ah dude! You know how people sometimes can be a pain in the wrong place

MOF – I agree they can be that, but everyone is seeking an answer, but trying to put someone down when they ask questions seems odd. I mean they come to him seeking guidance and answers. Destroying someone’s ego can be disastrous, they go the teacher for an answer, and you do not want to be spurned

CAP – I agree, but folks there attend zillion different yoga classes and try and compare philosophy and try to act smart to the point of being plain irritating!

MOF – Hmmm…

CAP – MO, why does one have to believe in God or a Supreme Spirit?

MOF – Instinct 🙂

CAP – WHAT! Instincts have to deal with the physical aspect of human nature!

MOF – Should instincts be limited to responses to sensory perception? Why do have to operate within a boundary when we want to understand/deal with the infinite? Why do we have to limit instincts only to the physical aspects of humans?

CAP – Okay, fair enough. Let us call that spiritual instinct! But substantiate it

MOF – You are hungry you eat, you are thirsty you drink; you are aroused you have sex; it all seems coded that way. When we see and experience the world and nature around us, there is an inner voice that tells us or compels us to believe in a superior entity.

CAP – Dude! Is it not the society and religion that drives us to believe in an idea like that?

MOF – I would agree, by and large yes. BUT, would the response to hunger, thirst, arousal et al be different if an individual were to be raised in a place that is devoid of religion and bereft of the social patterns that we are now aware of?

CAP – Hard one, but logically speaking, no.

MOF – So, I am compelled to believe in the idea of instinct driving us to believe in God (or a superior entity)

CAP – Kewl, I see your point. Now, why does one have to seek God, why does one crave or seek that enlightenment thingy?

MOF – Stimulus and response.

CAP – Err…what you mean

MOF – You are hungry, you eat and you are satisfied. You believe in the existence of Supreme Spirit, you want to be one with that entity, for that alone can satiate the spiritual instinct/hunger

CAP – It is often argued that fear was the reason for God to be created. For look, all religions talk about life after death. Death surely scares the living daylight out of humans. After death, everyone wants to claim heaven

MOF – Honestly, I can only speak for myself here. I love the dichotomy of heaven and hell. And I define heaven to be a state where the human spirit is in union with the Divine/Supreme Spirit and hell to be a state where the human spirit is separated or not in union with the Divine/Supreme spirit

CAP – And what bout the geography of heaven and hell, do you not believe in it? And curiously I do not see Judgment being given any cognizance

MOF – Never have experienced death to talk bout the geography of heaven and hell ;-), and that what I have seen not, I can talk not. I believe that Judgment is real and we are judged by our conscience for all that we do. Divine justice, yes I believe in it, that’s the second level quality assurance ratified by that ‘Higher’ being.

CAP – So, what about grace?

MOF – Dude, we need to get the MPLS provisioning thingy done today OK! But I do not choose to end this abruptly. Consider the entire cosmos, in the cosmos the Milky Way is tiny little spec, the Solar System in the Milky Way is an almost a nondescript entity, in the Solar System the Earth happens to be but a nondescript spec and in this spec we humans try to understand the BIG PICTURE with our intelligence, but intelligence as a faculty can only help us go a certain distance, beyond that it has to be a spiritual exercise and experience to capture the spiritual and bring it into the realm of the intellect!

Now, to bow to the instincts of making money .Let’s get the MPLS story off our plate soon!

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The Cartoon Row

This is probably a post that should go under current affairs. However, the issue has much wider ramification, hence its under Bite The Bullet category as well.

First of all, it is quite surprising to note that the Danes thought their act would not offend any community. All right, Danes as you are, you might swear by freedom of speech, freedom of expression and freedom of what not, but in all this what has been overlooked is that freedom needs to go with an essential package called responsibility. Well, it indeed is a child’s play to get excited about an idea and go overboard with it. You choose a freedom that is devoid of any sensitivity and responsibility. You choose freedom with recklessness over the former.

It was interesting to see a Danish lady (a Muslim and a member of the Danish parliament) go on record on the BBC. She was at pains to explain that mountain is being made out of a molehill. Here, I am given to believe that she is a born Danish Muslim, hence her ideas are pretty much inline with the ideas of her state.

The concept of freedom that we learn in high school and college is just perfect for us. It is perfect for our culture. Culture, bear in mind, is the operative term here. What we have on hand is a clash of cultures. In the west the state and religion are different entities.One cannot afford to evangelize the “leftist-religion” to nations where religion is an integral part of that culture. It just won’t sell. Not that they are opposed to freedom, just that they are far more sensitive to religion.

Your reckless freedom is no good for you and please do not preach it. And if you cannot stand people sensitive to religion, it is but puerile to believe that people can accept your concept of freedom that brazenly avoids and rejects responsibility

As for the so-called devout Muslims, I am not surprised by your reaction. But it would be a shame to approve the boycott and burning of embassies, no way! Get a life

You defeat the very purpose the Prophet spent a big chunk of his life for. It is a diabolic irony that you folks have made an idol out of the Prophet. Yeah! The Prophet is but an idol for you folks. You let a mindless cartoon decide his divinity and greatness.

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