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Soul Stirring

Guru Dutt, Saahir Ludhianvi, SDB and MAHATMA RAFI :-).Pyaasa btw is a Time readers choice top 10 movie of all times.


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Born To Act – I

Kamala Hassan!!! Need I say more? I for one am not someone who calls him Andavar nor am I his biggest fan, but I know, I am genuinely spellbound by his acting capabilities.

This is not a post to discuss if he is the best actor ever in the history of Indian cinema; Just a post to celebrate Kamala Hassan!
Here’s to Kamal and (meaningful) Indian cinema!

His first movie.

Anbae Sivam. To this day, I am yet to see an Indian movie that can come anywhere close to this one. Phenomenal stuff, but unfortunately this was a BO dud.

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Ok The Results Are Finally Out

Your Kissing Technique Is: Perfect

Your kissing technique is amazing – and you know it.
You have the confidence to make the first move.
And you always seem to know what kissing style is going to work best.
Sometimes you’re passionate, sometimes you’re a tease. And you’re always amazing!

Are You a Good Kisser?

June 3, 2007 at 11:25 pm

The North & South Of The Evergreen State

Managed to rent a Dodge (The RAM of God), Caliber over the weekend. Rental cars are cool! They are always clean as crazy, all shiny and nice all the time 🙂

I decided to be behind the wheels the entire weekend. Drove close to 25 hours. The destination was, well NOWHERE.

On Saturday, I headed south and hit the paddy fields and some unexplored regions here. I was so glad that I did not have a destination on mind. The fun of driving aimlessly is freedom. Nowhere to go, yet so much fun. The lovely village green, the sometimes dry and husky paddy fields, railway tracks and canals snaking thru the fields were special indeed. The weekend was not sunny, but I don’t care really, thankfully I am a winter person.

On Sunday, headed north and the sights here were even better or I must say spectacular. Mountains are always fun. It was cold up there (needless to say),lot of fog meant that I missed the lakes around the mountain for trails were closed! I cannot wait to get back from NYC and drive up to the Big Sky Country, I am sure I will need 4GB card to capture the Big Sky Country

The pictures should give you the idea of what I was drunk with over the weekend.

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Friday And Flirty

My flirty favorite number for this Friday. Badan Pe Sitare from the movie Prince (1969) – Shammi Kapoor (bad hair day for our man) & Vijayanti Mala (drool).

This is an Urdu (a mix of Persian and Hindi) song. The fact that Urdu is a mixed language lends to its richness and beauty. Very ordinary music (infact is loud and jarring) and video. Just that the lyrics ROCK!

The lyrics with the translation (WARNING : MAY SOUND DEMENTED)

Badan Pe Sitaare Lapate Huye
Clad with shiny glitters on your body [refering to shiny saree Vijayanthi Mala (drool again) is weraing]
O jaane tamanna kidhar ja rahi ho
oh sweetheart, where are you going)
Zara paas aayo, to chain aa jaaye
Come close to me and I will be relieved

Hameiin Jab na honge to aye dil rubaan
If I am not there my darling

Kise dekh kar haaye sharmaayo gi
Who will you shy away from

Na dekhogi phir tum kabhi aaina
Never again will you look into the mirror

Hamare bina roz ghabraayo gi
You will feel uneasy without me

Badan Pe Sitaare Lapate Huye…
Hai ban ne sawar ne ka jab hi maza

To adorn oneself in beauty is a glory when

Koyi dekhne wala aashiq to ho
There is an admirer to take pleasure from it

Nahi to yeh jalwe hain bhujte diye
Otherwise all this glamour is useless

Koyi mitne wala ek aashiq to ho
there should be an admirer to die for you

Badan Pe Sitaare Lapate huye…

Mohabbat ki yeh intaha ho gayi
The love is now at a test

Ke Masti mein tumko khuda keh gaya
That playfully I called you Khuda

Zamana yeh insaaf karta raha
The world tried to do justice

Bura keh gaya yah bbhala keh gaya
whether I did good or bad

Badan pe sitaare lapate huye
clad in the shiny sari

O jaane tamanna kidhar jaa rahi ho
Oh sweetheart where are you going

Zara paas aayo, to chain aa jaye

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