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Road Rage

Aum Shanti Shanti Shanteyhi

Seriously people, do govt. officials sit on their brains? Cars with tinted glasses or sun controls films will be fined 😦 . This must be the End of Days. The folks at the Ministry of Transport need to check their heads (of course for 666). Is the Messiah/Massiach/great Imam coming soon?

Man I am convinced; it must take a crack smoking, meth addicted, and unholy son of a gun with an abusive spouse to come up with this idea. With due regards to everyone, but I fail to see the rationale. Super hot and tropical Chennai cars will be stripped of all tinted glasses and sun control films. Here are some of the moot points that has been highlighted by the Ministry of Transport to implements this rule

    1. Tinted glasses and Sun Control films obstruct the view of the driver – WHAT! Who has a tinted glass or sun control on the front wind screen?

    2. Tinted Glasses and Sun Control films allow couples to make out in the car – Dudes, if you folks do not like that fantasy give it a pass. Oh, now tinted
    glasses have become a moral issue. What next? I am thinking movies in cinema with Lights On?

    3. They allow criminals and terrorists to go unnoticed. Point well taken… BUT PEOPLE think what were we doing before the tinted glasses, oh YES we were using curtains inside the cars, yea until 1985!

It’s only a day or two before a Public Interest Litigation is filed! Hail the judiciary! Amen!


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