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Arcane Muse – God

CAP – The yoga teacher is a sharp shooter and he destroys ego

MOF – That’s odd. I would expect him to be otherwise. Is destroying ego a good thing after all?

CAP – Ah dude! You know how people sometimes can be a pain in the wrong place

MOF – I agree they can be that, but everyone is seeking an answer, but trying to put someone down when they ask questions seems odd. I mean they come to him seeking guidance and answers. Destroying someone’s ego can be disastrous, they go the teacher for an answer, and you do not want to be spurned

CAP – I agree, but folks there attend zillion different yoga classes and try and compare philosophy and try to act smart to the point of being plain irritating!

MOF – Hmmm…

CAP – MO, why does one have to believe in God or a Supreme Spirit?

MOF – Instinct 🙂

CAP – WHAT! Instincts have to deal with the physical aspect of human nature!

MOF – Should instincts be limited to responses to sensory perception? Why do have to operate within a boundary when we want to understand/deal with the infinite? Why do we have to limit instincts only to the physical aspects of humans?

CAP – Okay, fair enough. Let us call that spiritual instinct! But substantiate it

MOF – You are hungry you eat, you are thirsty you drink; you are aroused you have sex; it all seems coded that way. When we see and experience the world and nature around us, there is an inner voice that tells us or compels us to believe in a superior entity.

CAP – Dude! Is it not the society and religion that drives us to believe in an idea like that?

MOF – I would agree, by and large yes. BUT, would the response to hunger, thirst, arousal et al be different if an individual were to be raised in a place that is devoid of religion and bereft of the social patterns that we are now aware of?

CAP – Hard one, but logically speaking, no.

MOF – So, I am compelled to believe in the idea of instinct driving us to believe in God (or a superior entity)

CAP – Kewl, I see your point. Now, why does one have to seek God, why does one crave or seek that enlightenment thingy?

MOF – Stimulus and response.

CAP – Err…what you mean

MOF – You are hungry, you eat and you are satisfied. You believe in the existence of Supreme Spirit, you want to be one with that entity, for that alone can satiate the spiritual instinct/hunger

CAP – It is often argued that fear was the reason for God to be created. For look, all religions talk about life after death. Death surely scares the living daylight out of humans. After death, everyone wants to claim heaven

MOF – Honestly, I can only speak for myself here. I love the dichotomy of heaven and hell. And I define heaven to be a state where the human spirit is in union with the Divine/Supreme Spirit and hell to be a state where the human spirit is separated or not in union with the Divine/Supreme spirit

CAP – And what bout the geography of heaven and hell, do you not believe in it? And curiously I do not see Judgment being given any cognizance

MOF – Never have experienced death to talk bout the geography of heaven and hell ;-), and that what I have seen not, I can talk not. I believe that Judgment is real and we are judged by our conscience for all that we do. Divine justice, yes I believe in it, that’s the second level quality assurance ratified by that ‘Higher’ being.

CAP – So, what about grace?

MOF – Dude, we need to get the MPLS provisioning thingy done today OK! But I do not choose to end this abruptly. Consider the entire cosmos, in the cosmos the Milky Way is tiny little spec, the Solar System in the Milky Way is an almost a nondescript entity, in the Solar System the Earth happens to be but a nondescript spec and in this spec we humans try to understand the BIG PICTURE with our intelligence, but intelligence as a faculty can only help us go a certain distance, beyond that it has to be a spiritual exercise and experience to capture the spiritual and bring it into the realm of the intellect!

Now, to bow to the instincts of making money .Let’s get the MPLS story off our plate soon!


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