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Jaxtr – International Calls At Local Rates!

A pretty interesting concept taking baby steps is here again. We are so used to baby steps being free stuff and bhoy! it sure is something that is gonna make a splash and set a trend. I am an avid Skype fan, but this babe is rocking my world.

So getting down to business, what does Jaxtr allow you to do that Skype does not? Well it allows you to make free phone calls all over the world and at local call rates. Oh yes INTERNATIONAL CALLS AT LOCAL CALL RATES! So, here is how it works. You go to signup for a free account and then register your mobile phone (and/or) landline with Jaxtr. So what does registration mean? Registration essentially means that once you add the phone number and click on the “Call Me To Activate” button, you get a call from Jaxtr, and you will be prompted to enter the code that gets displayed on the web-page.

So am I good to go, can I now call my moms first cousin’s second cousin’s sister-in-laws husband who lives in Timbuktu?  Sure, if he has registered his phone on Jaxtr. And the cool thing is that it is billed as a local call.

Works like dream from the US. I have made some international calls, but I reckon one may not be able to make calls from all the countries; however it does not stop them from receiving Jaxtr calls. The call quality is pretty decent, I must say a better than Skype to Skype calls.

1. You do not have to give out your actual phone number to someone, Jaxtr masks a phone numbers to people who are not on your approved list.
2. Very useful if you are frequent traveler and do not want phone calls to burn a big hole into your pocket
3. Decent call quality

1. Sometimes, it sucks big time. It only reaches the Jaxtr voice mail of the called party, for no apparent reason
2. And now, I do not need another voice mail box. Get that integrated with my phone service or forward it to my service provider automatically.

Overall, for something that is taking baby steps, will give it a 5.5/10. The rating would easily go to 8 if the 1st point mentioned under cons is “fixed”

So leaving you all with the new Mantra


May 15, 2007 at 11:15 pm 2 comments


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