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Born To Act – II

Dumb wordpress, does not allow me to add more than 3 youtube links in the same post! Cannot afford to end the post without Kamal’s transformation as Nandhakumar.

Alavanthan – A movie that went terribly wrong with screenplay and too many songs (totally uncalled for). Had it not been for some glaring glitches, this would have been a far more superior product that Kuruthi Punal (which is considered to be one of his best efforts to date). The variation he shows in dual roles (as twin brothers) he essays here stands out. And as the bald Nandhakumar, who becomes mentally unstable due to his step mothers wild treatment and the inner conflict that he battles (between God & Demon), this performance is indeed a monumental effort. A three hour movie that stands highly recommended (PLEASE KEEP THE VIDEO REMOTE CONTROL HANDY!!) watching this movie in half that time would make it a cult classic! Here’s to Nandhu 🙂

This video is a pretty violent one. For a person with split personality who is on a trip, his performance stands out!


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Born To Act – I

Kamala Hassan!!! Need I say more? I for one am not someone who calls him Andavar nor am I his biggest fan, but I know, I am genuinely spellbound by his acting capabilities.

This is not a post to discuss if he is the best actor ever in the history of Indian cinema; Just a post to celebrate Kamala Hassan!
Here’s to Kamal and (meaningful) Indian cinema!

His first movie.

Anbae Sivam. To this day, I am yet to see an Indian movie that can come anywhere close to this one. Phenomenal stuff, but unfortunately this was a BO dud.

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Been A Long Time

The writers block takes a hike yet again. Between then and now managed to go through “yet another” breakup, trips across three continents, 4 countries and 5 cities. Managed to set up my company, did some industry first implementations and then of course had some major setbacks that needs to be addressed, but as the saying goes -”This too shall come to pass”

I have never felt so insecure while traveling, as I am feeling right now in Johannesburg. The city is wonderful and the weather cannot get any better, the irony however is that I cannot do anything in this city. Everyone seems to be warning me about the hazards of venturing out by myself. It sucks big time to be imprisoned in the hotel room.

The dangerous part about the famous “mugging scene” in Joburg, I am told, is that once you are robbed you are killed. I need more drama than this to die!

I am not sure if it is just me, but I think the animosity between the whites and the natives is palpable. Really feel uneasy about the whole thing. A case in point is the public transport system (if you can call it a public transport system that is). Only the natives use it, the whites drive the fanciest of cars (yeah, the Porsche, Ferrari and the top of the line BMW’s). This observation may also be biased in a way, because I am holed up in the most opulent neighborhood in the city.

Well this is not to say that my own country is free of all malice. There are places where one can be far more insecure and in danger of physical assault if one does not belong to a certain “class”. It’s the caste/tribe you are born into in the east, while it’s the color of the skin in the west. No man is foreign!

Give a man a horse, he will ride;
Give a man a boat, he will sail;
Give a man a reason, he will hate!

I also noted the stoical fanfare with which the middle-east greeted the Annapolis meet. I am sure Mr. President will come up with something more monumental that General Gaddafi’s IsraTeen. Everyone is invited for the Annapolis party but not the Hamas! The Saudis are going too

The world mulls a solution for Palestine without inviting a party that was given a mandate by the people of Palestine. While I seriously feel for the Palestinians and pray for peace in the region, the Annapolis meet seems as good as – pink elephants flying and shooting arrows. I do not approve of all that Hamas does, but the bottom-line is that unless one gives Hamas a fair chance to learn the tricks of the trade that is called democracy, it would be an exercise in futility to dismiss them. I mean a solution for Palestine without Hamas is like finding solution for Northern Ireland without the IRA!

Asia and Africa are probably cursed to deal with the scars of imperialism for one more life time.

Blessed are the peacemakers, they shall be called sons of God!

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